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  1. Foursquare Pilgrim SDK Proves Naysayers Wrong

    Foursquare Pilgrim SDK Launched… Dennis Crowley and the team at Foursquare launched Foursquare Pilgrim SDK Read more

  2. Yahoo Did WHAT Because Microsoft Invested In Foursquare?

    Location And Foursquare Are Hot News Again… Just last week Foursquare announced a $15 million investment Read more

  3. The Next Location Revolution is Coming. Right Foursquare?

    Is it just me or…? Has Foursquare been awfully quiet lately? Not just Foursquare but Read more

  4. Meerkat Forces Twitter’s Periscope Up. Now Who’s Next?

    Meerkat the Plucky Israeli Startup… Has clocked up some serious achievements in the month they Read more

  5. Don’t Yo See The Potential?

    Yo A New Mobile App Is Making Waves… The app is elegant in its simplicity, Read more

  6. Is Cortana Giving The Microsoft Press Conference At MWC?

    Apparently Microsoft Has A Press Conference Today At MWC After much noise alleging that Microsoft Read more

  7. Why Your Startup Needs A VP of Ethics

    Startups By Their Nature Are On The Cutting Edge… … Some get acquired and in Read more

  8. The 1 Vital Contribution Google Can Make To Waze

    Waze Is As Near To Ubiquitous… … As any mobile app is going to get. Read more

  9. The Great Big MESH Launch Event

    MESH – The Modiin Entrepreneurs’ Startup Hub Is Open For Business Modiin one of Israel’s Read more

  10. Alphega – Augmented Social Reality App

    Let’s Look At Alphega… Alphega is a mobile app created by Nubis Technologies, a cool Read more

  11. Job Hunting Tip Of The Day: Hidden Company Addresses

    Job Hunting Can Require Some Creative Thinking… … If you decide to forego the shotgun Read more

  12. Windows Phone 8 After One Week

    My Windows Phone 8… It arrived a bit over a week ago. I’d upgraded from Read more

  13. Is 2012 the year the Smartphone Paradigm Turns on its’ Head?

    If you follow the market analysts in the field of Smartphone Research and Development then Read more

  14. Is the Farmers Market a Good Model for the Skilled Technology Consultant?

    People don’t just love the idea of a Farmers Market, they love it. Why is Read more

  15. How Facebook Mail is Going to Change Things Facebook rolled out their consolidated message features including Facebook Mail. Given that for many Read more

  16. is the Peanuts, Google Bookmarks are the Chocolate

    As you know this blog is on Google’s blogger platform so logically I decided when Read more

  17. Searching for locations in So-called Locational Apps

    In my previous blog piece on Locational Apps I gave my opinion on what they Read more

  18. The Value of Location isn’t Badges or Coupons

    Geo-web version 1.0: if you asked me how I perceive the cluster of geo or Read more


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